September 17, 2021 at 02:55PM

In sharing Sashiko in English, I always encounter someone who tries to “One-Up” me. It is rather funny to have discussions with them (instead of frustrating), there are always reasons for what I do. By the way, “Oh, I have so many Japanese friends who do not think as you do” isn’t going to change me anything: It is ridiculous to even imagine that all Japanese have the same understanding. All I am saying is that I can talk with other Japanese people on the “same page” when we have disagreements. Their “friendship” is awesome, but I hope they can try to learn language & culture before they depend on their friend. 

One funny case of non-Japanese being “accurate” in Sashiko is the pronunciation of “Sashiko”. Yes, the pronunciation is important. Therefore, some people point out in my videos that my pronunciation of “Sashiko” isn’t Japanese. It is because I follow American Phonics that I learn little by little. It is unnatural to NOT follow the Phonics even if it is a non-English word. I pronounce Sashiko as the Japanese do when I talk in Japanese.

When we talk about the culture, “cutting pieces” can be dangerous. Here, “pronunciation” itself is cut off from the whole context. It is great to know the Japanese pronunciation of the word “Sashiko”, but it doesn’t make one to be “authentic” at all. So is the pattern. So are the number of friends. “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”: the first step to respect the culture. I respect English as a language & my American friends in the USA.

(I will explain the pronunciation difference on Patreon later on.)


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