September 15, 2021 at 12:58PM

In my childhood, I wouldn’t have imagined myself being at the age of 38. In reality, I became 38 years old today and appreciate the happiest moment in my life. The Live Streaming Yesterday (99% in Japanese) proves how “ordinary” my life & Sashiko became: and I cannot be grateful enough for that.

I stopped sharing my personal stories (not only Sashiko but including everything) a long time ago. Many people do not want to look at something negative (dirty or disgusting). Being Positive is good, but requires a lot of willpower…based on each situation. Worse, they try to cover it (minimize it) by listening to only what they want to listen. It is okay because my personal stories should be “personal”. However, Sashiko Stories are not only personal but also “ours” of many artisans I respect. Regardless how uncomfortable it may be for the audience, I need to keep speaking up: Acknowledgement is the first step, however, it is extremely difficult with one’s defensiveness. If so, I just need to be patient and wait for them to be ready to “acknowledge”. The reason I keep sharing the Sashiko Stories. 




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