September 11, 2021 at 08:50AM

Why do you “mend” in a society we have a “choice” to replace? We can, technically, avoid mending throughout our life. In fact, it is cheaper to replace. Why do we mend then? I feel it is dangerous to see “mending in necessity” and “mending as a choice” as the same thing. So, I want you to think.

For me, since I do not have to “mend” it, yet choose to mend, it is a process of adding stories on top of the stories the fabric (garment) has. In the process, I can talk to the stories that I had added before, or even the stories that “someone” added before. It is a conversation with the fabric, and it is indeed mending ourselves in this busy society.

It is a very “kind” process. You do not have to “fake” to be nice to yourself. Mending is a process of being kind, yet being who we are. Therefore, it is so refreshing & meditative in today’s society. However… Well, therefore, since you are so kind to care for the mending & stories, please use the same imagination to the “words” as well. “Sashiko” and “Boro”. They are Japanese words. Reaching to the “understanding” of the foriegn words by reading books, articles, or watching the videos/webinars offered by non-native (here, non-Japanese) can be dangerous in its Cultural Issues. I, as a native Japanese who lives with Sashiko, don’t even know the whole picture yet. I don’t understand how others (non-Japanese) can reach to the full-understanding.

You are kind to care for the fabric and garment. Please use the same imagination to the words you use. There are a lot more than you know in Sashiko & Boro if you aren’t fluent in Japanese language. I keep sharing what I mean with stories here.


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