September 10, 2021 at 07:16AM

I receive many compliments on “what we can do” in Sashiko. Yes, it is important to protect the skill and technique in its tradition. However, it is NOT the skill and technique that I am trying to pass down. It is “more” than that: so called “culture”, and I will try to deliver “it” today in my first Webinar on my own platform (thanks to much support!). 

Sashiko is a simple hand-stitching. A similar form of stitching exists(ed) everywhere in the world. One can master the “skill” in a matter of a few weeks. There aren’t so many “techniques” that require so many years to acquire: because Sashiko is the “ordinary” form of stitching. Since it is the “ordinary” form of stitching, categorizing Sashiko into something convenient for non-Japanese can result in repainting history, damaging the culture, and hurting someone. 

If it was a matter of “skill” and “technique”, I wouldn’t need to share this amount of stories. A book or a series of workshops would be enough. I am NOT only sharing the technique or skill to do “Sashiko” like stitching. I am sharing my personal space (memory, experience, and wisdom) that consist of “Sashiko” on top of skill and technique. Why do I call it “Sashiko”? Because there are so many stories within one History.

Webinar is on 9/10, starting at 9 pm EDT. No recording will be available, but I will do my best to offer the same one in another time zone. Due to capacity, a ticket is required:


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