September 19, 2023 at 06:23PM

Close-Up Photo of Recent Sashiko Denim. I receive quite a lot of feedback for their difficult experience of stitching on Denim. Well, once one gets the “Rhythm” and “Form”, it isn’t so bad. – at least, the hands won’t be so sore. I shared my curiosity from a “business” perspective on this Denim on our business account. Please check @UpcycleStitches

Regardless of what fabric to stitch, we care for the “even” stitches. We decide the size of stitches with Rhythm, and then we end up having each stitch in uniformed size. Some “teaches” that stitches are okay to be uneven to embrace the imperfection. I know no artisans who say that to us. Don’t get me wrong. It is okay to have any stitches on Sashiko – Making even stitches isn’t the Core & Essence of Sashiko. Regardless of the stitches size or evenness, it can be Sashiko. Some may give up saying “Well, Atsushi has so much experience and therefore it is easy for him to say”. Yes, experience is critical, but there are more important elements in this wisdom – which is “Form”, and then “Rhythm”. As everyone has different hands, I teach this form In-Person/Online Semi-Privately. I ask everyone to follow the “Form” no matter how uncomfortable it is – as the “Form” is the foundation of its practice. Anyone can copy the Form by watching me stitch. What I do (in teaching) is to help students to modify the Form for themselves. As a result, one can stitch on the Denim or any fabric with uniformed stitches.

Anyone can do so – I say this with my confidence now thanks to many students/friends I met throughout the Workshop/Online Class. Before embracing the imperfection instantly, try to learn the most fun part of Sashiko with Form & Rhythm. No matter how “good” we become, we would embrace the imperfection anyway. It is the attitude & pride I received from the other Sashiko Artisans.


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