September 18, 2023 at 06:32PM

I appreciate all the supporting comments in the previous post. As I prepare a brochure, I can share more information for the undecided future Sashiko Japan Trip. Keiko will keep having local exhibitions/gatherings in Japan, so if you are in Japan, & (somewhat) proficient in Japanese, please find the info here as I will post it in Japanese when decided.

Unfortunately, though, nothing can/will be the same as this Sashiko Japan Trip. I myself was surprised how deeply I would invite them to personal space to feel “understood”. It was an honor to do so – it isn’t just a “show & tell” of Sashiko items we make – it is a process of handing something important to someone I come to care for. After all, Sashiko is a great part of my identity.

I will not go into details here, but “Family Comes First” isn’t so common in Japan. I don’t think my family in my youth prioritized “family members”, and I know some say it is easier to have life without a “family” (even after marriage). It is kind of interesting that I feel “relieved” by my family wanting me nearby. Many Japanese (mainly Male) prioritize so-called ”work”. I used to be one of those. It is my family here & US culture who changed me. Although I keep sharing the significance of Japanese Culture, I don’t say I love it all. I appreciate & love the US Culture as much as I do my own culture – Therefore, I want them to learn more about Sashiko. It is a lot more fun when one learns [Core & Essence].

**For the waitlist, please wait for another update. If you are already on the list, no action is needed. For those who are very interested, as a preparation, please consider taking the [Core & Essence] workshop either In-Person or Online as it is a prerequisite for the Sashiko Trip.


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