September 17, 2023 at 06:55PM

I have to make a sad announcement today. I decided not to offer/arrange another Sashiko Japan Trip for This Fall or Spring 2024. I realize my priority is to support my family here, on top of sharing Sashiko Story & preserving Sashiko. As an immigrant family, for now, it is very important to support each other. For that, although some situations may change in future, I do not think I can offer the Sashiko Tour with/for my Sashiko friends. I apologize for this disappointing announcement for those on the waiting list. The list is still active, and I will inform them first when I have a more concrete plan.

I had such a wonderful time on the Sashiko Japan Trip 2023 (April 2023). To be honest, it was one of the life-changing moments to me, and I sincerely felt that I passed down the important elements of Sashiko & my family in the 12~14 days of time together, from morning to bed-time immersed with Sashiko. I hope that it was the same for my friends who joined the trip. I really want to offer another one – as I now know for sure that this Japan Trip can share the important experience “together”. However, now, I want to prioritize my family here. I appreciate your understanding of this difficult decision.

When my condition changes, I may re-start arranging one. If I can bring my daughter with me to the trip, if/when she is old enough to do so, when we have more support here… my wife feels really bad that she cannot let me offer the trip, but again, it is the family here I prioritize now.

I will keep the waiting list open (try to find the Google Form). I will also prepare the brochure for the possible next trip. This is a sad announcement to delay it, not to end it. I really hope to bring you to Japan, where the Sashiko we practice exists.


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