September 16, 2023 at 10:48AM

Although it depends on the patterns & size of the garment, 1~2 skeins of our threads will be sufficient to stitch the whole Denim Pants. When one uses threads efficiency, 1 skein can be enough. 1~2 skeins of Sashiko thread, some time of investment, then the garment will last longer than just using “as is” when our Sashiko Threads are used (I cannot speak for other “Sashiko Threads” manufactured by other companies).

The real issue of simplifying a cultural practice is the loss of rich stories & “reasons” behind each practice. Unfortunately, so many stories are forgotten, ignored, or worse “intentionally eliminated” from the Sashiko introduced in English. The primary reason for Sashiko in this photo is not decoration. By using proper tools & supply, Sashiko can make the fabric much stronger – and of course, one can practice it without damage. In fact, Sashiko is a form of stitching to avoid mending.

“Not Knowing” is fine – We all start from not-knowing. I am here to share, and we can all learn. For those who have been following this account for a long time, you may find the same story repeatedly recently. I apologize for the boredom (as I used to share something new everyday), I would like to prioritize repeating it as simplification of Sashiko over painting what Sashiko is for our Sashiko Artisans. Please acknowledge that the information you may get in English is not enough. I am trying my best to keep sharing stories so that I can re-enrich the practice. There is always a story to explain what we do (So there is no such a thing as “just because”).



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