September 10, 2023 at 11:30AM

I appreciate all joined the JACL Talk about “(Cultural) Appropriation vs Appreciation”. I believe it was a good summary of my messages regarding this topic. It was a good opportunity for me to re-examine my understanding of Cultural Appropriation (C/A). I am still a newbie in this topic with so much to learn, yet it was good that I could clarify where I stand.

Keeping “3Ps” in our mind is a good approach to C/A. 3Ps offered by Emi-san (little_kotos_words) are Power, Profit, and People. Other 3Ps defined by Kayne Kawasaki in his Ted Talk are Property, Privilege and Profit. By having a solid definition for these “Ps”, we can have progressive conversation – both “3Ps” are similar, yet one word is identical – Profit. I assume I need to learn about this “Profit” more as it was the least significant concept for me. Frankly speaking, I don’t mind others making money by using the word “Sashiko” – as long as they are changing the culture itself intentionally. (Please find my article about my feelings when Nike Released “Sashiko Sneaker”).

My goal is to preserve (or restructure) the Cultural Sustainability. In short, when we have a Sashiko Artisan who can make their living by just doing Sashiko (not including teaching, publishing, selling supplies and other related activities), the first step to preserve the Cultural Sustainability is made. We are not even there yet. The Sashiko artisans I know in Japan aren’t profited by the trend in English – as they do not “teach”. Come to think of it, my goal is to bring “profit” to the Japanese who are actually stitching today. It is a long way to go – but again, it is me who can make it happen at this point as other non-Japanese aren’t doing so.



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