September 12, 2023 at 08:18PM

When I decided to “teach (& run a business out of)” Sashiko, I had made one strong promise to myself. [I will stop all of the business activities when my family loses smiles]. I will keep stitching Sashiko regardless, but no other activities will be prioritized on the sacrifice of my family – here, the family I indicate is my wife & daughter. I made myself a rule when my wife decided to become a bread-winner – it is to make her laugh at least once a day. I believe I am doing a pretty good job on that, too.

As she goes through some challenges these years, I try to reduce the amount of work. I have only one In-Person Workshop left for 2023. The seats for [Core & Essence] Online Class are limited. I don’t really “advertise” well… From a “business” perspective, so many opportunities are flying & flashing in front of me on a daily basis. My friends sometimes get frustrated by how “slow” I move forward. Well… my Sashiko loses its value when I cannot make my family smile while I am stitching with my own smile.

Sashiko is a needle work out of “Ordinary”. The ordinary isn’t always “Happy” or “Smiling” – we all have good days and bad days – but we “try” to wish for the better. Sashiko is, and was, a form of stitching with their prayer to the (better) tomorrow. Therefore, it is so important to share the stories from my stand-point. Sashiko is more than the word – please help us to spread my words in this “English” market so that I can stop the word walking itself toward “something looks similar yet different inside”.


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