October 27, 2021 at 09:21PM

I sometimes say, “I feel pain (when I face ignorance/indifference)”. To be honest, I haven’t figured out how to define/explain this “pain” well. It hurts, so it is painful, but it doesn’t make me angry so much… more like sad… or even “sorry (for them)”. The actual pain comes from disappointment, because, I guess, I have faith. Let’s use an extreme analogy, as my favorite one with Pizza.

The on-going Sashiko/Boro trend with them enjoying it & ignoring the stories are like eating pizza without cheese, or eating pizza with just cheese (without tomato sauce). One of the major compartments of the whole picture of Sashiko is missing, and the missing part is the most delicious part of the pizza. Pizza without cheese is a bread stick, and Pizza without tomato sauce is cheese bread. Both bread sticks & cheese breads are very tasty as they are & I would never call it wrong… but it isn’t exactly “Pizza”. I understand that it is difficult to get cheese or Tomato sauce based on the locations/conditions, yet they shouldn’t “define” what they are comfortable with as the “Pizza”. It won’t happen in Pizza because we all know it… but in Sashiko/Boro, it can happen. I have been enjoying “full Pizza” since my childhood, and I do not want to change it so that I can pass it down to the next generation. I am not overreacting: I am just acting my best to leave our voice. Then… next, we have to talk if “Pineapple” is a good topping for the pizza or not.


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