October 28, 2021 at 07:14AM

From Yesterdays’ (extreme) analogy about Sashiko in English & Pizza. I learned that there are authentic italian pizza without tomato sauce. It is called “Pizza Bianca (White Pizza)”. There is also a pizza without cheese, like “Pizza Alla Marinara”. Thank you for educating me. The input makes my analogy even better.

My point is that the situation with Sashiko/Boro in English is that: Calling either one (Pizza Bianca or Pizza Alla Marinara) as “the whole pizza (in Italy)”. Or, in this analogy in another direction, I am teaching/believing the whole authentic pizza without knowing Pizza Bianca and Pizza Alla Marinara. I believe the pizza in Italy is all true with authentic ingredients and appropriate mindset: for that, no “Right and Wrong” in pizza when they follow “something”. By someone defining “One Pizza as a whole”, the other pizza is about to be over-painted by foreigners. That’s what is going on with Sashiko: Sashiko that you know may be very limited: NOT the whole picture of Sashiko.

I didn’t mean to disrespect the Italian & Pizza culture. I don’t know enough about pizza to teach/share, and I often use Pizza as the American’s (& my) favorite food to explain (as an extreme analogy). I apologize if I hurt you. I used it as an analogy: never intending to repaint the culture.

“For me”, because I don’t know the authentic pizza in Italy, Tomato Sauce or cheese is the most delicious part of pizza. I feel similar when someone enjoys Sashiko without learning the stories behind it: as if they are missing the most delicious part of what they are doing. Of course, it is my dream to visit Italy and taste the pizza there: as many kinds as possible. The Sashiko/Boro available now is like the analogy I shared with pizza: insufficient due to “not knowing”. Why do I speak up? Because many know about the difference in Pizza. Sashiko is at risk now. ☆
*If you don’t get it, read my stories & what videos on Youtube on what is Sashiko & Boro for us.


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