October 26, 2021 at 10:06PM

A new follower may think, “I thought this is an account for Sashiko, but he talks nothing about Sashiko. Nonsense.” Well, all of the stories I share are the key to understanding Sashiko, especially if you are not Japanese.

My mother, Keiko, has been a “giver” in all of my memories. Before I learn the word “Pay it Forward” in 2000’s, she was doing the similar action, with Japanese name, “Ongaeshi (特別な個人ではなく社会への恩返し)”. Naturally, in my youth, I disrespected her for being such a bad business person. Now, after going through a lot, I am in full appreciation for what she has shared with me.

Since my own mother was like this, I have a strong faith in Us (Human Beings). We are decent. Yes, we sometimes go through pains and sorrows, but I believe we can be “decent”. If I don’t believe in this, then I shouldn’t (cannot) really share the Sashiko because “Sashiko is one manifestation of our caring to others”. I don’t know if Sashiko makes us decent, or a decent person continues Sashiko… regardless, I know that there aren’t evil people in long-run of Sashiko (someone who continues stitching for decades). Well… not an evil person, but definitely interesting (unique) people there, though, and it is my biggest compliment. I haven’t given up yet, and therefore I keep sharing.


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