October 25, 2021 at 08:58PM

Extreme Skills. Traditional Techniques. Sustainable Art. Accurate Stitching. Being Right in contrast to being Wrong. Cultural Appropriation. Upcycle the fabric. Slow Fashion. Visible (invisible mending) and Meditative Life-Style. They are all important in Sashiko/Boro, but these are NOT the first thing I advocate. If you are a long follower here, you know what I push to the world: a bit of extra time to be mindful to care for others, just a moment to acknowledge someone who may be behind the “(extra) ordinary”.

The “someone” is often the one who you care about. “Care” here is not equal to being “nice” or “comfortable”. We can dislike someone & care simultaneously. The opposite of “Caring” is not “hating”: it is “ignoring”. 

I hope this post also adds some sense to why I keep saying “Sashiko in English is insufficient yet”. I know we live on busy days with a small family unit. However, if you can, as I received a heartwarming comment yesterday, please talk to your “roots” as much as you can. “Respect to eldery” is not just a form of courtesy. It is what defines us. We don’t have to like them (of course, it’s great if you like them), just don’t ignore (indifference) them even if they are uncomfortable. You can run away if they have problems, but keep them in your mind (with love/hatred, either way). One day, the fabric communicates “it” to you throughout stitching, either theirs or yours. “It” happened to me, and therefore I can share so many stories about Sashiko & Boro. We weren’t made from nothing: Someone was there for us, and we were all covered with some fabrics.


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