October 24, 2021 at 09:23PM

For some reason, I look back to the past in October. Keiko and I restarted Sashiko, after so many years of stitching, with making several “Sashiko” Jackets. We had been through a lot around that time. It is surprising that she smiled in the photo, yet it is not the smile I can see today (or the smile you know if you have met her before).

I write a lot of stories: sometimes uncomfortable for you. However, my motivation is simple. I would like to protect her smile like the one on the 10/15 post. And, I now strongly believe, by sharing stories, I can protect many smiles like hers, in Japan & in Japanese heritage. I live in the past, and relying on you to create a decent future. 



#Sashiko #JapaneseSashiko #刺し子 #日本人の刺し子


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