October 23, 2021 at 01:10PM

I know some do not really understand what I am trying to do, especially if their value is based on capitalism. I was once so ambitious with blood-cold eyes because all I cared about was “money”. Don’t get me wrong. Money is extremely important, and I need it. I like it. The difference within myself is that money became just a “vehicle” to reach my destination instead of “the destination (in superior)”. But again, over and over again, if the goal is just to make a lot of money, Sashiko is a stupid idea: a bad sense of business… If a person has a passion for Sashiko, or has a different destination, then I am their ally. 

All I “teach” is the gateway of Sashiko (Core & Basic) so you can enjoy the park (without borders). All I “share” is a map that I have visited in the park where I had visited. There are millions of parks, so is Sashiko. I want you to find your own park/Sashiko you like. Try as many kinds of Sashiko as you can. Read/watch as many resources as you find. I just do not want you to limit yourself to the fact that the park you have in your state is “only” park anyone can enjoy. Of course, if their goal is to make money by bringing people into “their park”, stating “this is the only park!” is a great marketing strategy. However, then let me raise a question, who is limiting Sashiko? Me (who does not define Sashiko so easily) or Them (who defines Sashiko without proper understanding)? I am NOT the answer. I want YOU to find your own Answer. 


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