October 26, 2023 at 09:44AM

Not so often, but I try to “sell” items we make. All hand-stitched with Sashiko, using long-established tools & supplies, and appreciating the fabric we occasionally find in History. As much as I say I wrote honest posts (about Commercial Interest with Sashiko) in the last few days, my intention for this account is to share the Stories – because, unfortunately, there are so many untold (or being Told but not yet being listened) Stories about Sashiko in English. I have another account @upcyclestitches for the financial sustainability (business aspect) of Sashiko.

Every Sashiko Item we share on this account is “something we stitched”. We occasionally share some photos of Boro – but in 99.9% cases, unless it is noted that we take a photo of someone’s piece, we add stitching somewhere. We stitch, and these stitches carry stories. Sashiko isn’t History, yet. It is an ongoing practice, and therefore it is so important to acknowledge the people behind the words – not someone who uses the word “Sashiko” for their convenience. Sashiko has its own long History, but Sashiko is NOT in the past. Some introduce Sashiko as “Ancient Japanese Stitching Technique”… It isn’t really Ancient, as it is still on-going. Therefore, I share Sashiko “Stories” rather than Sashiko “History”. History is very important to learn what it is – but the whole purpose of learning History is to enrich our “today” – so please be mindful when you learn what Sashiko is from someone who mentions about the “past” of Sashiko.

You may wonder if I were to have a “hint” to distinguish who is acknowledging the stories or not. Well, unfortunately, there isn’t the easy answer for this, but one thing I can say is that “Sashiko is Stitching Practice” – so I wouldn’t trust anyone who is NOT stitching – yet pretending they know about Sashiko.

英語での刺し子は「Ancient Technique」と紹介されることがあります。受験英語出身の私はAncientと聞くと「古代の」と翻訳してしまい、勝手にそんなに古くするなよと抵抗感を抱いてしまうのです。別の意味では「古くからの」という継続の意味もあるっぽいので、用法そのものは間違っていないとは思うのですが、ただ、「刺し子は過去ではない」ことはこれからも主張していくべきだと思っています。刺し子において過去から学ぶことは沢山あります。ただ、過去だけに集中すると、今後という未来を担う現代の刺し子を蔑ろにすることに繋がりかねません。まだ、刺し子は歴史として完結するものではないのですよ。配信、沢山お話しすることがあります。忘れないようにメモして頑張りますー!

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