October 24, 2023 at 10:33AM

One of the strong wishes I have in sharing Stories here is to remind of the power of imagination. “Reading between lines” is critical to understanding Japanese culture. Imagination helps us to read between lines. So, try to read what is not “written”, instead of reacting to what you think it should be written.

I often receive criticism about me “selling items in Sashiko” when I talk about “Making Profit in Sashiko”. They say, [You Sell Japanese Culture, too!] as if they found a critical discrepancy… Yes, I proudly sell items! That’s one way to preserve the culture. I have never said it is wrong/bad to make money. In fact, I even encourage others (including non-Japanese) to do so when they acknowledge the culture behind. Money is important – the issue is to “change culture itself” for the profit.

Back to Mountain Analogy. I never say it is wrong to have a shop on a trail. The issue is that some “mislead” to the one trail saying “This is the only way to get to the top”. I never say items in a shop are wrong. It is a “Simplified Guide” that I consider as an issue. I always recommend my students to try other trails. I never say it is wrong to pursue commercial interest in Sashiko – in fact, I encourage them to do so. In order to taste the clear water & see beautiful flowers in the trail I recommend, one needs to have very specific equipment. That’s what I have in my shop. Some may practice using the tools by themselves to have similar experience, but others would need assistance in learning the way we use. That’s what I teach – so that “everyone” can experience what I love the most on the trail.

I don’t know why some have an allergic reaction to “Making Money” shouting [You Sell Japanese Culture, too!]. Of course I try. I want to support all artisans who are a part of the Sashiko we practice. Money is a very important vehicle to reach the goal. Please read behind the other’s writing, too. Mindfood: Is Money(Shop) a vehicle (tool) to get to the top/goal? Or, is Money(Shop) itself a goal and “mentioning the trails” is a marketing strategy? You should be able to tell the difference.


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