October 23, 2023 at 11:40AM

Another Analogy of what I am trying to say in Sashiko & Climbing Mountains. Thanks to @nathan_plavnick who reminded me of this analogy I once introduced in Japanese.

People who stand on top of a mountain rarely want to tell others coming up that there’s only one trail. They may show others the trails they enjoyed, but they are just excited that others also want to climb the mountain. Although I think I am standing in the middle of the mountain, I feel very similar to Sashiko. In Sashiko, unfortunately, the people who claim they stand at the top of the mountain tell newcomers which trails are the “answer” to climb up the mountains. There are no “right” trails to go up a mountain. There may be a level of challenge, risk and comfort… but It is one’s preference. Why do they define the right trail for others to follow? It is because the trail they define is convenient to them – there may be shops they own along the trails, and they will lose their money when the people decide to go other trails.

I share my own favorite trails to others because of many spots I enjoyed. I want you to taste the crystal clear water after the steep climb. I want you to find beautiful wild flowers on the way. Standing on the top of a mountain is one goal, but there are also beautiful places to stop by. Don’t get me wrong. I never say the other rails are wrong. They are probably good things there, too. I am just saying that it is so sad to not experience the clear water & beautiful flowers by following someone’s right trail, which you don’t know if they really are standing at the top of mountains either.

My teaching of Sashiko is just a beginning. If one claims to be an expert on the mountain, I want them to climb up many times with different routes. I am just a climber who enjoys the process of being on the top, who received training from those standing on the top.


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