October 22, 2023 at 10:33AM

In 2014, Keiko & I stood up from the sad reality we experienced. In 2017, after the first invitation to teach in NYC & after being a stay at home father for 2+ years, we launched this “Sashiko Story”. As similar to other accounts, this account had single digit numbers followers. Now, we have this many – I share “honest“ stories while trying to be as “difficult” as possible to deliver the message. Therefore, some consider me an Angry person. Sometimes, I receive quite hateful saying/actions. However, as you can read (when you read several posts carefully), the accounts I have are full of my gratitude to you. I will not share any stories if this account brings us only despair. We share everything, yes “Everything” including technique & ideas, for anyone who wishes to learn Sashiko. I even say “Copy It” with no strings attached. It is Because we are hopeful for the future of Sashiko. Many unfollowed this account because they felt uncomfortable. However, I still have so many people who listen to us – we call it hope.

In 2016, when I uploaded Sashiko videos on Youtube for the first time, there weren’t so many videos about Sashiko on the Internet. Now, we can find quite many videos, and many use similar tools with similar movements I share – this is one outcome of “Sharing Everything”. Not many state the source of their learning, but I believe the impact on our videos are quite huge. Back in 2016, some friends who cared for me very much advised me not to share everything – as I would lose an important source of our future income. Well, maybe I lost it. However, I gained & am gaining more important things – 80K followers & (future) Sashiko Friends here who are the part of the hopeful Sashiko feature.

When I lost my father, my goal shifted to “preserve Sashiko” rather than “protect family“. I believe that’s what he tried to do, too. Thank you for being here – and I will never stop sharing as it is my life mission.


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