October 20, 2023 at 11:27PM

(Photo of the same piece from the previous post). As the disrespectful comment I received, [Atsushi isn’t well respected in Japan] includes our Sashiko Friends in Japan, I had a beautiful opportunity to talk about “me” and “what I do” in Sashiko with them. It was good to know how they think of me – I acquire their respect for me, and more importantly, they do NOT have blind faith in me. We are very balanced, and it is very important when we share the Culture. Our goal is to pass down the culture, not to make a cult.

This may be yet a strong statement: While I was talking to my Sashiko friends in Japan, I realized that I may be the very first Sashiko Artisan who can speak English without translation. I know Japanese people with (English) Language Proficiency start teaching Sashiko in their career, but not like they practiced Sashiko first, and then learned English later. For that, I have quite a unique background.

As Sashiko is deeply related to Japanese Culture, “the Translation” tends to be a process of simplification. How so? Because what we talk about Sashiko in Japanese is already someone’s interpretation of Sashiko & its practice. So when it is introduced in English, the piece of information you read is someone’s interpretation on the translation of a Japanese’s interpretation. Of course, it will be simplified. It is like a telephone game. Therefore, it is important to share “Stories” – not only the information. I am seeing how a piece of information transit – and one day, I want to explain that as well.



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