October 19, 2023 at 09:03AM

As you enjoyed the previous analogy… Here is the following (Please read the previous post first).

Your family’s tradition has its own way to cut veggies to best match the Ranch dressing you make. It doesn’t mean, though, there is only one way to choose cut veggies. Dipping uncut carrots is also okay. The point is “how to enjoy Salad”. Where you immigrated, interestingly, there are “the rules” on how to cut the veggies. It has to be the thickness of an iphone. Sure, it is good to have rules, but you wonder which iPhone’s thickness?SE or 14 pro?

You have your own way to cut veggies. You can call it rules certainly. However, it isn’t something to force others who just wish to enjoy Salad. When they want to look for another way to enjoy Salad, then they can learn more from you. So, you say, “There is no right and wrong in Salad”. Also, you say, “The Salad you define is indeed Salad – but that’s not the all about Salad”. It is fine to love only One type of Salad. However, it is NOT okay to ignore other Salad, and to mislead people to focus on the Salad they define. You find it silly to comment on each rule you see, though. Sure, following the rules can be easy, but not in your style. Therefore, all you do is to set up a place where anyone can learn “other forms of Salad” from people who enjoy various salads. Over years, your voice gets bigger as many enjoy Ranch a lot. Some mention your name saying “His Ranch is awesome – it is from Ranch Artisans family”. You appreciate the new friends caring for the upstream of your Ranch — and then, you find a comment, “Oh, he (Ranch) isn’t well respected in his country” by someone who doesn’t speak your language.

I find it is NOT just negativity. It is a more fundamental cultural issue. No worries. I am okay. I keep speaking up as a Japanese person who loves Sashiko in Japan. Sashiko isn’t a solution for our social concerns as Salad itself won’t heal an illness. Sashiko will just make us healthy (and that’s good!).


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