October 18, 2023 at 09:48AM

Please imagine a dish you often enjoy. It can be Pizza, Salad, wings, Soup… anything you often enjoy, or even feel tired of having as you have so often. Let’s say you eat “Salad” everyday. (I used mac & cheese in a BBC video, but here I use Salad). Your favorite dressing is Ranch with some croutons. You know other dressing & topping exists. You have your preference, but you also understand those who like Balsamic vinaigrette, Thousand Island, and even Blue Cheese. Let’s say you immigrated to another country which has a lot bigger power in language & economy. You find out that “Salad” there is something so special – and there is a correct answer in how to make & eat Salad – Only Chicken Caesar Salad is the definition of Salad to them. They seem to not know about other salad dressing, topping, and even what Vegetables they can put into Salad. So you say, in your experience, Ranch is the dressing for the Salad – and it isn’t something we should idolize that much. We can enjoy Salad as we wish. No answer to Salad – only preference & “wisdom” to enjoy more – some understand what you are saying. Others say “No, it has to be Ceasar Salad” to define it as Salad… umm. You find it quite strange.

This is an extreme analogy, but I feel like this analogy in Sashiko. One difference is that I was born in a Ranch Dressing Artisan’s Family – so I want to preserve the (secret) recipe of your favorite dressing. To preserve, I even make it non-secretive. Yet, it is just salad (stitching). Salad is healthy, yet it won’t resolve a headache for those who prefer to work more than sleep.

I just happened to be the first one who can speak out on behalf of many kinds of dressings in the powerful language. Therefore, my writing here in English is much longer than the one in Japanese. Therefore, I say, Sashiko introduced in English is Simplified & Romanticized… why? Because it is more convenient for “someone” to do so – if you want to sell Chicken Caesar Salad, you want to deny Ranch. So, I say, Enjoy Sashiko – only one favor though. Please acknowledge the stories from Japanese who actually stitch today.


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