October 17, 2023 at 11:03AM

As this account grows, I have experienced quite many painful comments from haters & trolls. Thanks to as many helps here, I am learning how to cope with them & I will never stop sharing the Sashiko Stories we carry. That being said, I am experiencing something different and painful now. For me, it is worse than the ignorant & hateful comments I received so far. I still cannot believe what I am reading – but I am trying my best to see what is happening. It is so bad that I do not want to put the image as the 1st one. So, if you are willing, please check the 2nd photo.

The comment on FB is not only disrespectful to me, but also very disrespectful to those who learn Sashiko from me, to those who support what I do. She isn’t Japanese, yet she is representing other Japanese? What kind of entitlement is that? It is a harassment to my identity, to my family, and the Sashiko friends I have now.

Well. Some may say, “Hey, Calm down. It is just one person’s opinion. Don’t Over-react”. I have been thinking about this without sleep as I feel there is something deeper than the slander. Finally, while writing what happened in Japanese, I realized why it is so bad – worse than just a Personal Attack (I mean P/A is already bad… but it is worse from a cultural perspective). I will explain more – so please wait for the link.

This happened on FB Group – Sashiko. Please respect other members as I respect the group itself & admin. Also, do not attack the member who started this thread. I respect others saying “What is Right and Wrong in Sashiko”, although My Story shares something different. That being said, I am very curious what she replies to the shout from my heart. Unbelievable.



#Sashiko #刺し子


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