October 15, 2023 at 07:24AM

I hope you found the article on BBC about Sashiko & the video of me stitching & talking about Sashiko. The link is on my Story & Highlight as well. If you follow me for a long time, you may find something “strange” in the article as the message on the video & the article itself aren’t corresponding. (In short, I was interviewed for the video, but not for the article itself). This happens because of how the media function (in my understanding), and I respect the way they construct the article. I appreciate Alex & Natalia choosing me, and I enjoyed the article itself from another perspective.

When I receive an interview request, I often say that I am just a raw ingredient. It is them (writer/producer) to cook what I do & say to their audience. NPR, NYTimes, BBC, major media carefully ask me if the results may be as I wish – but I am often satisfied with any results as they are the chef. My significance ends when they pick me from the farm.

I decline interview requests when I am asked to be something else – like they decide to bake bread, and ask Rice to be the Flour… When I am rice, I can be close to the flour, but they aren’t the same. So, as long as the chef respects what raw ingredients are without modifying the Core for their convenience, I am happy to be cooked in any way. For that, the writing does not convey my message as it is a dish with other raw ingredients they chose. The video is the dish I proudly say it is the dish with my ingredients.

I do not agree that any publicity is good publicity. However, it is always a privilege and honor to be picked by a good chef as a raw material who wishes to be known “as is”. Sashiko in English is simplified and romanticized as they introduce Rice Powder as Flour. I am speaking up to say Rice is different from Flour.


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