October 14, 2023 at 09:49AM

It is a surprise to wake up seeing my face on the top page of BBC.com! Thank you for all the messages in this short period of time. A producer/journalist contacted me mentioning he wanted to film my stitching (Sashiko) while interviewing. I answered I would be happy to do so, yet I live 4 hours away from NYC. The producer Alex (@alexandertrow) jumped into a car & drove to my house to listen to my voice, our stories. It was a Friday he initially contacted me, and on the following Monday, he was filming me. As Sashiko “spread” to the world as a trend, many people contact me to ask for what they want to have/get. Alex was the first producer who came to where my “ordinary” exists – I was interviewed while preparing the dinner for my family. Some media suggest that I travel to them. I appreciate them covering the cost, but I usually cannot travel to them because my priority is family unless it is scheduled in advance. Media often “choose” to listen to “experts/masters” who are convenient to them – physically closer, responding faster, following the contents… I understand speed is very important in the media, and we all know that there are millions of choices. Alex chose to convince the team to come to me, and I sincerely appreciate his effort to listen to me.

Naturally, I was very happy with his visit. I rescheduled several things, but it was no harm to anyone. As I was happy & comfortable, I answered all of his detailed & deep questions with my sincere honesty. I believe the video clip on the article is quite interesting – it isn’t how Sashiko is introduced in English – but another great summary of what I have been trying to share in the last 6 years. Big thanks to Alex & his team, and I am happy that the world is listening to the voice from Japanese – not someone who is convenient to them on(location & language) concerns.



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