October 05, 2023 at 08:28PM

October… It was such beautiful scenery to drive up Northern New York. The Workshop Place, @schweinfurthart is also very beautiful & spacious. I am happy to display some of our items as Samples.

In this picture, there are 3 kinds of “Our Sashiko”. One is traditional… or a normal one with 9 Geometric Patterns. You know who would do this (Atsushi). Below with so much color & Kakishibu Kofu (Vintage Fabric) is one sample of [Sashiko Can Be Art]. Of course, it is Keiko’s. I wouldn’t be able to come up with and combine into. The biggest piece is one “Boro-To-Be” Fabric. It is still in the process of “being Boro” – but for now, after quite a lot of stitching, this is one good stop to be used as fabric/blanket. There is one interesting point for this big piece. I will introduce it on the final day (You may realize something “strange” if you are a long follower here).

Alright. Starting from the preparation until loading everything into boxes, it is my battlefield. I know no one is there to fight (they will be there to learn), but for me, this is one shot to pass down the Sashiko we practice. I will be serious, and try to be “funny” so I can do both [learning] and [entertaining]. I hope I can take some photos during this workshop!




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