November 29, 2023 at 09:08AM

A year ago today, I was so hard on myself perfectly preparing for the Filming for Domestika. I wrote a script. I tried to remember it. Well… nothing went well in the studio, and most of what I said in the course is off the script – improvisation. Well, it doesn’t really fluctuate as I say the same thing everyday, everywhere.

After this, I have 2 kinds of workshops. (1) Course on Domestika where I can offer the Learning Opportunity for anyone in the world regardless of where, who, and what situation they are in. It is what Domestika aims for, and the biggest reason I joined. (2) Class on my own platform (online/In-person) where I teach the [Core & Essence] of Sashiko. In this, I will be there to “pass it down” to the participant. I will be responsible for the learning experience. Both are important to pass down Sashiko as “cultural practice”, especially in this society where the quick answer as Instant gratification are so strong.

I got a review saying: [Anyone who wishes to learn, or think they do Sashiko, should take this course on Domestika]. Yes. My stories here are not for exclusion or to cause crack – I just want everyone to acknowledge the Sashiko which are NOT introduced well in English. We can find many copies of what we do now online, but I don’t think they are digging into the “whole picture of sashiko” that I illustrate.

It is a good summary of what I have been sharing. The link is available from highlight [Domestika].

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