December 02, 2023 at 08:09AM

As I often say, there are no (absolute) rules to follow in Sashiko. There is no right or wrong in Sashiko. However, there are a number of “Local” Sashiko Rules that enrich Sashiko. In my Sashiko Class, I teach the rules we follow – but also mention that it is NOT the rules everyone has to follow.

While glancing at discussions about Sashiko in English, I often find the “Answers” that significantly simplify the practice. Some may be done by just not-knowing and being kind to others (yet offering an answer without proper knowledge isn’t really Japanese). However, the others may ignore the fact, and simplify the rules so that they can benefit from it.

I just want you here to know that there is a Sashiko which aims both Front and Back to be the same. There are reasons for why, and we have techniques to achieve so. It is wrong to teach others [Sashiko don’t make both sides the same]. It is misleading and excluding some of the “Japanese Sashiko” we practice. If they benefit from it (by teaching), then it is “Cultural Appropriation”.

Please do not listen to those who simplify the culture no matter how “famous” they are. There is a huge gap between “Don’t” and “Can’t”. Please learn it from someone saying “I don’t” instead of “I cannot”. You gotta be smart to see through (as no one say “I cannot”). Please don’t be a part of simplifying the culture. Please learn Sashiko from someone who really knows it.




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