December 04, 2023 at 08:50AM

I say, “Do not worry about Cultural Appropriation too much (If you are worried about it)”. I want everyone to enjoy Sashiko. With just one condition – Acknowledgement to Japanese people & stories behind it. Unfortunately, the acknowledgement is difficult for some who wish to focus on their profit & convenience. What would you name this type of simplification/modification of culture for their profit?

C/A is a complicated subject. When I get confused, I try to think it is simple. I just want those Japanese who are in Sashiko culture/industries to be able to make their living by just doing (introducing/teaching) Sashiko. In this big trend of Sashiko in English, with so much simplification, this fundamental wish now requires one condition. One has to be proficient in English. That’s not fair.

I had a discussion with a “Sashiko Teacher” about it. They said they didn’t make much money – just enough to travel to Japan yearly. I don’t know any Japanese Sashiko teachers who can go overseas every year. Sashiko is way too simplified for someone’s profit – and not many Japanese “who have been doing Sashiko for decades” are receiving it. I just want it to be fair. Please be mindful about whom you are supporting. A choice/action you make will influence the now/future of Sashiko.




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