December 05, 2023 at 08:55AM

Posts about Cultural Appropriation always attract some ignorance. They read what they think I am writing here instead of what I am actually trying to convey here. I am NOT saying that Cultural Appropriation doesn’t exist. It does & it is a very important issue we need to be aware of. I cannot speak for the general picture of Cultural Appropriation, either. Only thing I can do is to share my honest feeling toward Sashiko & its Cultural Appropriation from a Japanese Sashiko Artisan’s perspective. I have to speak up about this issue because of 1% of ignorance here, and the previous post was 99% of careful & mindful people who are interested in Sashiko.

You may suggest: “Why don’t you block those ignorance (trolls)”? It is 100% true that I should block them, especially when they don’t even reveal who they are. 99% of haters can leave nasty comments/DMs because they make themselves anonymous. So yes, “Block” is the effective way to keep my psychological condition. At the same time, even this kind of ignorance contributes to the superficial trend of Sashiko. Therefore, I want to keep the possibility open for those to “re-think” so that the message I want to convey may be delivered to them. Well… the chance may be so small, but my goal isn’t keeping myself healthy for this matter… It is so unfortunate that I need to do this, but someone gotta do this. As I mumble in the Live Streaming, I wonder if I weren’t proficient in English (It is pure luck that I can write this in English).




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