December 08, 2023 at 09:56AM

I apologize for canceling the Live Streaming at the last minute last night. It is a big nightmare to find an oil puddle under the car. As we are a family of 3 with no relatives around, I needed to make a lot of arrangements… and here I am at a dealer to see how it goes. I hope this won’t bring us a big expense…

Trying to find a small positive in misfortune. It is Dec.8th, and as you may know, it is “Hari-Kuyou (針供養)” – the day to say farewell to our hard-worked, much contributed, and broken/bend needles. In Japan, we put the broken needles into something soft, and bring it to a shrine/temple for doing “Kuyou”. It is, traditionally, recommended to not to hold the needle on the day of Hari-Kuyou… so, canceling the Live Streaming wasn’t the worst thing. I had a restless night (again, we need to have the car…), but my needles could have a day off.

“Hari” means “Needle”, and “Kuyou” means… Well, it is another word that we cannot translate without context. Dictionary translates Kuyou as “Memorial Service”, but it doesn’t explain the whole. Again, same as Sashiko, not wrong but not sufficient as “description”. It is probably difficult for native Japanese to explain what “Kuyou” really is – because it is part of their lives. They have their own definition, rituals, and approach to “Kuyou”. Same as Sashiko. This ambiguity is the key to be comfortable with Japanese culture, and it is my goal to clarify the detail of this ambiguity – as the ambiguity is a collection/accumulation of many many stories.

The Article about Harikuyou is one our website: and Patreon:


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