December 09, 2023 at 07:58AM

Last few months, I have been receiving emotional comments from “Japanese” people. Some actually practice Sashiko. The others come to me to “study” Sashiko for their related field. Their words are very frank (as it is toward me directly). Their straight words indirectly accuse me of saying “Well, it is what it is”. I encourage myself to give up things. Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate them telling me what they feel. Their Japanese expertise are the most important input I can ask for. The summary of their scream is, with making it soft & nice, it is [Respect the Upstream of a practice/culture]. I guess they are asking me [Are you protecting your own Upstream? You aren’t!? WTF!?].

One Sashiko Artisan with 40+ years experience told me, [I see so many videos of using a ring thimble & using middle fingers for Unshin on Youtube & everywhere. Are they all your students? It wasn’t common 10 years ago, right?]. Before 2016, there were no videos/books/articles explaining Unshin I often share here and there. THEREFORE, I started uploading videos. Interestingly, the Unshin with the middle fingers isn’t (wasn’t) mainstream in Sashiko. It is part of the Sashiko I received, but a modified version with them for me.

The logical solution you say would be “securing it with IP”. I don’t want to do that as I believe the Unshin is NOT “mine”. Therefore, I share on Youtube & say copy it. So, I am glad they copy it, and I don’t ask for money for the right to use it. As I always say, all I want is the “acknowledgement”, so that I can identify the “upstream”, and share more stories around what happens(ed) in the upstream. I think it is time for me to speak up in that direction, too. We do not want to lose an upstream on anything, I believe.

Youtubeチャンネルの掲示板 (コミュニティ)にて「配信中止のお知らせ」を直前に掲載したのですが、(また)仕様が変わったのか上手く表示されていなかったようでご心配をおかけしました。ごめんなさい。次回からはインスタのストーリーに文字だけでも流すようにします。


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