December 11, 2023 at 10:37PM

I occasionally come across a discussion of “Stitching Speed” in Sashiko with so many opinions, advice, and even “definitions”. From a Japanese Sashiko Stitcher’s perspective, the priority is NOT the speed. However, speed will enhance the experience of Sashiko. “Speed” isn’t something to look for, yet “Speed” is somewhat necessary to experience something I want to pass down.

Yes, my stitching is fast as you can see it on Live Streaming. In fact, our stitching (with Sashiko friends I taught Sashiko to) is very fast. My fingers aren’t enough to list the stitchers who may stitch faster than I do. I am pretty sure that their priority is NOT speed – yet speed comes along.

Sashiko has become a trend with so many tails such as “Sustainability”, “Recycle” and “Visible Mending”. One big trend which is very true yet with full risk of missing the authenticity is “Meditative” and “Relaxation”. I find so much advice leaning on Sashiko as “Meditative Stitching”. Because of this relaxation purpose, some even advise it is “better” to stitch slower. If it is their personal choice, no problem. When they tell others that Sashiko is “Slow” stitching, then they are missing a great part of the Sashiko Stories. You are here to learn Sashiko – so please be mindful in wording. We can “choose” what we want – and I do not want our “choices” to be disrespectful from a cultural perspective.




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