December 13, 2023 at 05:32PM

As my focus here is “Sashiko Story” to preserve the Sashiko we practice in a trend of simplified Sashiko in English, I do not introduce what we offer as supplies so often here. Instead, I have a business account @upcyclestitches for that purpose, and one of the most privileged items I offer is Hand-Dyed Sashiko Thread with Natural Ingredients by Keiko.

You may know that Natural-Dye & Hand-Dye can be tricky especially in terms of “making it as a business” because it tends to be “one-of-a-kind” all the time. However, as a professional, she tries her best to keep the color as I & my friends & our customers expect. You may have seen me talking about [reproducibility and continuity (R&C)] over and over in Upcycle Stitches Website.

She does a fantastic job, but she of course experiences the result of not following the (R&C). She doesn’t put numbers on that (We have numbers for the color & what she dyes with), and she occasionally offers it within her community. I don’t have them here in the US. Or even, I don’t have chances to see them here. Once a year, she offers them online as a part of “Fortune Bag”. This year, some of the colors she tried are like this. So beautiful & I am jealous of those who are in Japan. I try my best to get them to Upcycle Stitches… Keiko is a Sashiko Artist, but her aesthetics eye to Natural Dye is incredible, too.




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