November 24, 2021 at 08:37AM

Thank you for stopping by yesterday’s Youtube Live Streaming. When I write or make a video, I prepare the contents as much as I can. For me, it is a form of courtesy in sharing the message & story. At the same time, sometimes, the preparation can filter, or skim off something important that I do not even realize. I share my stitching with no editing to avoid that. Yesterday, I shared my idea without editing, as a human with emotion, about Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko (or maybe other terms for what I am going through) can create pain.

Since C/A is complicated & sensitive, I purposefully made “my issue” simple. When they say they appreciate the culture, I want them to rethink if they may be hurting someone. When they say they worry about in C/A, then it is probably already the cultural Appreciation. Almost an hour of my honest words. Please check the Live Streaming archive on 11/23. ( or Search Channel with “Sashiko Story”.




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