November 22, 2021 at 10:00AM

I believe I have been making myself very clear on the issue of Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko. Since it is a sensitive topic, I try to make it extra simple for me & Sashiko. With sincere respect to others who share a more strict perspective of C/A, I want anyone to call their stitching Sashiko (if they want to) under “one-condition” – which is “willingness to learn Sashiko”.

The worst one can do in Cultural Appropriation is indifference. Not knowing is fine. I am here to share a story so anyone can learn. For SNS, the worst one can do is to delete the comment I had spent so much emotional labor on. It happened a lot a few years ago. It also happened yesterday. Disliking what I write is fine, and trying to argue with me is okay. We can all learn a discussion with disagreement, and that’s the whole reason I am here – to learn more & share more. So, I do not block an account due to the disagreement (I block it when one becomes too harmful). Deleting (minimising or ignoring) “what one wrote to argue” after a disagreement about their foreign culture is disgusting, and the exact form of Cultural Appropriation. They said: “I like Sashiko’s beauty, but I do not care what you think. I am not appropriating the culture. What a boring world.” – is yesterday’s comment I received, and got deleted by them, and it is the form of Cultural Appropriation. Enjoying Sashiko itself isn’t the C/A. Ignoring the voice with indifference is the fundamental of the issue. Well, I learn from mistakes so I have the screen-shots of the comments. Interestingly, I planned to have a “Live Streaming on Youtube” tomorrow to discuss the C/A. I will share the comment there as the “exact example” of Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko. I want you to enjoy Sashiko, and “THEREFORE”, I want you to learn & acknowledge the stories behind the word, Sashiko. The word “Sashiko” isn’t only for someone’s entertainment


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