November 21, 2021 at 11:31AM

In my understanding, discussion of “Cultural Appropriation” does not intend to limit someone’s creativity or possibility. For me, all I want is “Acknowledgement”, and if possible, a bit of care to support the culture (if there is an option to do so). Saying: “I know Sashiko. I have been doing a lot of Sashiko, therefore I can do whatever I want” from a non-Japanese person is a Cultural Appropriation because they do not acknowledge the possible “missing piece” of the Japanese Sashiko in whole. Instead, “I am a beginner, so I am willing to learn Sashiko” with their own stitching, calling it Sashiko is not really a Cultural Appropriation to me: Once one acknowledge that there may be something more, we can start caring for their possible pain. Once we care for the pain, we can avoid horrible things (If one does horrible things knowing the pain behind, then it is a more cruel issue than Cultural Appropriation).

My point is simple: I want you to learn before a simple definition by someone. Unfortunately, the “Core & Essence” of our Sashiko is available through me (in English), and therefore I am asking everyone to learn from me first – then they can expand their Sashiko. What I teach in the class is that powerful (accurately speaking, the Live Session following the class is the powerful moment). Or, watching the series of Live Streaming over and over can bring one to the understanding. At least, there are many whom I believe share the similar understanding without taking my class (but they follow this account & Youtube very carefully).

I want you to learn how to “Not” to stitch. If one ignores this with knowing my voice, then they are filtering the culture, which can be a form of Cultural Appropriation. I am just fighting against ignorance & indifference toward my culture, not someone’s Creativity or Possibility.


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