November 20, 2021 at 08:35AM

It isn’t tradition, design, technique, wisdom, history, or even stories that motivate me to share so much about Sashiko. It is “People” that I have met, I meet, and I will meet via Sashiko. I care for those who come to me to learn what Sashiko is. In this trend, where we can :choose the answer” regardless of the truth, words & numbers will have very strong power. It is tempting to have more words and bigger numbers… and it is very important. However… It is “the person” who I care about the most. I can share Sashiko today because of “people” I meet. One of them is Otsuchi Sashiko. One of them is you who follows me.

Sashiko is MORE than stitching. It is almost impossible to define it with words… so I want you to try to see the scenery I am seeing now. Today’s Webinar about Otsuchi Sashiko is one of them. If you can make time tonight (at 9pm EST), please check the link to get a free ticket (





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