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QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops Details

It is my pleasure to join the QuiltCon 2022 as a Sashiko Workshop Faculty. It has been difficult years, and with all the effort of many kind & passionate people in Modern Quilt Guild (MQG), I am very happy that I can be part of this great event. This page is for those who plan to attend QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops. Please find the details below to see what you can expect in QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Journey.

*If you do not have a ticket to join the QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops, please contact MQG for the possible waiting list. In 2020, there were a few last minutes cancellation, and there may be a chance for you to join. Also, I offer Online Sashiko Class as well as a few In-person Workshops for 2022. Please check each articles for the details. Thank you.

In QuiltCon 2022, I offer 2 kinds of Sashiko Workshops: (1) Sashiko: Core & Essence, and (2) Sashiko: Application & Practice. The [Application & Practice] workshop has a prerequisite of [Core & Essence], “Sashiko Mastery Class” from QuiltCon 2020 or Atsushi’s full time (more than 3 hours) in-person or Online Sashiko Class. One may take the both workshops over the same weekend. The “Core and Essence” the participants will learn in the first workshop is not difficult yet very important to know in the second workshop. If you join the (2) [Application & Practice] workshop without the prerequisite, the experience can be significantely reduced. Please contact me if you are not sure about your prerequisite. Also, if you worry about your current understanding of Sashiko after taking the Class (for a long time ago), please contact me as well. I am happy to offer the “refresh your memory” package for you as well.

It is extremely important that everyone has the exact same materials & tools to pass down the Core & Essence within 6~8 hours. Please purchase the special package below before the QuiltCon 2022.

QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko: Core & Essence

In our tradition, Sashiko is NOT about making perfect (or In-perfect) stitches. It is all about moving (trusting) a needle comfortably while communicating the fabric. Unfortunately, the current trend of Sashiko is missing the most important part of Sashiko. In this “Core & Essence” workshop, I will teach you the core technique of our Sashiko so that you can start focusing on communication rather than judging each stitches you make.

It is extremely important to take this workshop before jumping in to any of the workshops I offer. There are a few Japanese terms that the participants need to memorize (not so many & no exams or whatsoever, but knowing them is important).

On Instagram and Facebook, I often say: Sashiko is NOT ◯◯. This workshop will give you the answer what Sashiko is for you.

*This workshop is not a type of “Let’s Enjoy Sashiko Togeher” workshop. It is one-direction learning experience for you. The participants are required to stitch a lot. They may have to go through some “uncomfortable” stitching experience (due to new muscles they use). Sometimes, it may require some mindfulness in eye-opening experience. Please do not be scared or worried, however. I will do everything to help you to “experience” and “start enjoying” the Sashiko we practice today.

*There is NO prerequisite for this workshop. No experience in Sashiko is necessary. If you have never touched the hand-stitching needle, please try to learn how to “thread” the needle, or how to use the threader (videos are available on my Youtube). On the other hands, if you think you already know about Sashiko, please try to be as open-mind as possible. What I teach in this workshop is probably different from what you already know. There is no such a thing as “Right and Wrong” in Sashiko: and I will add another perspective of Sashiko in this workshop.

Please purchase the special package for QuiltCon Sashiko: Core & Essence below.

What to bring to Sashiko: Core & Essence.

The Special Package above is all you need to enjoy the Sashiko: Core & Essence. If you choose to receive it to your home, please bring all of the contents inside.

The following list is something maybe helpful for you to bring & prepare:

  • Masking Tape or Bandage to protect the nail from scratching by needles.
  • It may a good idea to cut the nail on the dominant hand (the hand with the needle). One can learn Sashiko with long nails, but it may be an obstacles in the first trial.

QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko: Application & Practice

It was such a pleasure to have so many positive feedbacks after the Sashiko Workshop in QuiltCon 2020. One request I had received from so many participants were to offer something “advanced” after learning the Core & Essence. To be honest, I believe that the [Core & Essence] provide all of the necessary technique & knowledge to start enjoying Sashiko. It is up to the stitchers preference on what to do after that: therefore, there are no “Advanced” Sashiko workshop. However, there are some ideas that I enjoy after learning the Core & Essence of Sashiko. This workshop will explain several Applications & Practices of Sashiko based on the Core & Essence they leartned in the first workshop.

*This is type of the workshop of “Let’s enjoy Sashiko Together” with following my specific guidance, including Hitomezashi and Mending Ideas.

*The Previous Knowlege of our Unshin (Core & Essence) is prerequisite for this Workshop. Any of Atsushi’s Full-Time (more than 3 hours) workshops graduates are qualified. If you have taken the In-person workshop with Atsushi before 2019, which was longer than 3 hours, you are most likely qualified. If you take the Sashiko Mastery Class in QuiltCon 2020 or taking the Sashiko: Core & Essence in QuiltCon 2022, or have taken the Online Sashiko Class, you are qualified. If you aren’t sure, please contact me so that I can check the status. This prerequisite is extremely important to make this workshop enjoyable for you. I appreciate your understanding.

What to bring to Sashiko: Application & Practice

Since this is a “Applied” Workshop, there are several tools required to bring with you. Please make sure to have them in the Sashiko: Application & Practice on top of the Special Package you are required to purchase above.

Please bring from the previous Sashiko Workshop (either Core & Essence, Mastery, Full-Time, or Online Class):

  • Sashiko Thimble (Metal Round)
  • Sashiko Needle (51.5mm)
  • Chalk Pencil White

*Please bring the exact Needle & Thimble you have received. If you do not have them, please purchase from the Supply Kit webpage in advance →.

Also, please bring:

  • 1 or 2 Crayola Washable Marker (ideally fine top) with Dark Colors.
  • A ballpoint pen (cheap one is fine)
  • One or a few Cotton Garment (such as denim or shirt) with mending (or stitching) needs. A large hole may be too much to complete within the workshop. A hole of about 2~3 inch diameter would be the ideal for patching. The Garment doesn’t have to have holes. I will explain how to apply Sashiko to mending/repairing. Stretchy fabric including stretch denim and T-shirt are not ideal. For the detail of what is best to bring, please check here → (The Article of “What is the best fabric for mending” will be ready soon.

Following is a list that is NOT required yet recommended to bring:

  1. Masking Tape / Scotch Tape / Bandage to protect the nail from scratching by needles. 
  2. Thread Clippers (Some Airline may not allow to carry on the Airplane). Scissors will be available in QuiltCon.
  3. Other choice of garments for mending just in case the one you bring is not ideal for the mending in the workshop (I do not want to limit your suitcase space, so one garment is good enough). 
  4. The fabric you would like to use for mending (A piece of fabric for mending will be provided, but you can use your favorite one).

As same as the Sashiko: Core & Essence, It may a good idea to cut the nail on the dominant hand (the hand with the needle

About Recommended Tools for our Sashiko

The Special Supply Package for the [Core & Essence] Workshop includes everything the participants need in the workshop. There is no need to prepare thread, needle, thimble or fabric for learning Sashiko in this workshop. In order to avoid unfortunate misunderstanding, I require everyone to use the exact same tools & supply.

For the [Application & Practice] Workshop, I ask the pariticipants to bring several things. I do not supply the needles & thimble in this workshop because everyone have once received it in their first Sashiko Workshop (as prerequisite). It is perfectly fine to lose a needle or a thimble. However, I do not want to encourage them to lose them by offering extra package. We believe that the spirit resides in each items (Please read this article for more details).

That being said, there are a few recommended tools for Sashiko, which is NOT necessary yet very useful when you wish to continue Sashiko stitching.

Thread Clipper

Threaders & Finger Cots

Bobbin Paper

Mylar Paper & Carbon Paper

General Information for the Recommended Tools & Supplies for Sashiko Stitching

I am here to Support

If you have any questions about QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops, please contact Atsushi. I am happy to answer any questions or worries prior to the workshop. Your question may be someone’s question, and I will share the question and answers here on this website (of course, annonymously).

I am looking forward to meeting you in Phoenix, AZ.

Q&A for the QuilCon 2022 Sashiko

Q: (Sample) What is Sashiko?

A: (Sample) You will find out in the workshop!

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