November 13, 2021 at 07:47AM

“Sashiko” is not a word for mending technique. Mending is an important part of Sashiko, but it is not the primary purpose. They (the Japanese) practiced Sashiko to avoid mending. Stitching fabric to make it “stronger” so it wouldn’t need to be mended so easily would be more sustainable than just mending? In order to make fabric “stronger” by stitching, there are “key points” to do it efficiently. Therefore, a pattern exists. Therefore, the Sashiko thread matters. Unlike the superficial Sashiko trend promoted by non-Japanese, all of my statements come with “Why”. When I say “We need a thimble”, there are a number of stories why we need a thimble. It’s not “Just because” or “simply”. (Some teach Sashiko saying “Just because” or “simply” because they “simply” don’t know it).

Mending is an important practice. Stitching doesn’t only mend the fabric but also heals our souls. It is a beautiful idea & practice to add extra care so that we can carry something important for a longer time. “Instead of replace, do repair” is one solution for our issues, and THEREFORE I want you to know the whole picture of Sashiko instead of “commercialized in/for Western market” terminology.

We live in a world where “mending” is necessary. However, mending one issue with destroying other cultures is sad, as if fixing my own favorite cloth with ripping someone’s important cloth. If you read this in English, you are powerful because you understand the language ¼ of the world population use. The bigger impact when we consider the GDP. Your choice can save the Sashiko we have received, and our Sashiko can be more beneficial for the bigger terms of Sustainability.


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