November 12, 2021 at 12:05PM

I want you and everyone to enjoy Sashiko. I really do. Therefore, I want you to try to learn the whole picture, instead of the “Sashiko (as Instant Gratification)” filtered & modified by those who use Sashiko/Boro to sell their products. I say something uncomfortable to protect the “Essence of Japanese” in Sashiko. It can be a form of “confrontation” in Western Niceness. However, my intention is to be your friend by sharing the Sashiko – not the Sashiko you can get by filtered & modified, comfortable & pleasing sentences in English.

Trust me. Once you start “read/listening to” what I really write/say, the Sashiko will become something more for you. It is our (Japanese) ordinary, but it is your (Non-Japanese) extraordinary. That’s the most delicious part of Sashiko, and unfortunately, many are missing it. I am sharing pretty much “everything” for anyone to reach “ordinary/extraordinary” even in Japanese, without living in Japan. Don’t define/conclude by reading/listening to someone who does not know the whole picture of Sashiko




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