November 11, 2021 at 09:48AM

Many agree that “Mending Fabric” is similar to the process of “Mending ourselves”. I move my needle in complete silence when I am in need of “mending myself”. It isn’t easy to go through this “Internet based on Individualism”, where anyone can say anything with complete ignorance, without expecting the pain. I speak up to keep what Sashiko/Boro is because it became too much of a pain to see the current trend. However, it can be more painful to speak up. While someone is mending their fabric with their own individualism based on their “choice & preference”, there may be someone being in pain. That’s the complexity of cultural concerns in dominating (privileged & more influential) countries. The solution is simple, though. We just need to acknowledge it and try to be kind (caring) for the voices behind the words.

“Sashiko is a mending technique” or “Boro is a technique to mend fabric” are not wrong statements. However, they are insufficient. If one thinks that they can “talk” about Sashiko/Boro with this limited understanding, then Cultural Appropriation can happen. All I am asking is to acknowledge. Sashiko/Boro is more than what they know. Stitching itself is, for me, an ordinary yet sacred (spiritual) practice. One some try to push their value in this, I feel dirtied (soiled/invaded/insulted), which forms the pain later on.

Again, all I am asking is to “acknowledge”. It is sad that one’s “mending” may be harmful for someone. Unfortunately, it can happen when we do not “acknowledge” it. Not knowing is fine. Please keep learning, and hopefully please support those who can share the stories instead of those who make money out of their “convenience understanding” of their foreign culture. Mending itself is a caring process. So, I want you to care for someone’s culture as well.


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