November 09, 2021 at 09:22AM

For some (many), Sashiko is Art. Sashiko may be a craft to enrich their lives. Sashiko may be something to read/find in the book or arhicves, or can be something to keep it mind to learn more. As much as I have my own “understanding” of Sashiko, I respect all of these perspectives of Sashiko. I am happy that people can reach Sashiko, I just do not want it to be “filtered” by those who think they know about Sashiko.

For some, Sashiko is their “Life”. When one chooses Sashiko as their “it”, Sashiko can be more serious. Well, I believe, that’s what “professional” is. When one chooses to be the “Sashiko Artisan” or “Sashiko Teachers” as an individual, their choice contributes to the trend, Aesthetic, mindset, and craftsmanship. My mother, Keiko, is like that. For me, as much as I say Sashiko is not Art, she is the genius Sashiko Artist. At the same time, there are those who do not stand on the stage: those who “make” Sashiko as their living income source: who Keiko used to be. And those who choose Sashiko as their “Life” collectively will hugely contribute to the Sashiko as “Culture”.

I say “Sashiko isn’t the past (yet)”. Although what we can find is mostly in books & archives, there are people who choose Sashiko as their “Life”. Otsuchi Sashiko is one of those. They are the primary reason I am still here in Sashiko. The unfortunate, and weakness (or probably fortunate/strength in different direction) of Japanese culture is that the Japanese do not really use English. On 11/20, I will have a webinar to introduce what “Otsuchi Sashiko” is for you. It is free of charge. Anyone can join (100 seats limit). It is on Zoom. Any donation would be spent to order “Sashiko Work” to Otsuchi Sashiko. Please join & learn what “current Sashiko” is formed, struggling, and hoping.

Sashiko Story Webinar (2) about Otsuchi Sashiko (


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