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Article About Hari Kuyou (On Patreon)

December 8th. If you follow this account for more than a year, you may know this day is a bit special to Japanese, especially for those who stitch. Yes, it is the day for “Hari-Kuyou”.

Sashiko is getting popular with its “imperfection”, “simplicity”,“beauty of patterns” and such. I am happy that the Sashiko can inspire the other needle-thread-fabric enthusiasts to add something new to them. I occasionally talk about Cultural Appropriation here, but I try to make it extremely simple (because I am learning about it, too). If you worry that you are appropriating the culture, don’t worry too much. Enjoy Sashiko. In contrast, if one thinks they are “appreciating” the culture, then they need to stop & think & learn). The more the word gets popular, the more people start discussing “what Sashiko is”. Some may think (or call themselves) that they are knowledgeable enough to “teach” the whole of Sashiko. Well, they may be. However, Sashiko isn’t just about stitching specific patterns. It is more than that: Hari-Kuyou, a day to appreciate the needles and spirits within for their hard work throughout the year explains how Japanese followed Animism, and uniquely “appreciate” the matter. “Appreciation” isn’t so much of a voice, it is the action – and therefore, we can find them in rituals.

Last year, on 12/8, I wrote an article for the Patreon Supporters explaining “How to proceed Hari-Kuyou”. For this year, I am making this article available to the public for several days. Please find the details from the link below, and if you have a bit of surplus in your life, please consider supporting my days of sharing the whole picture of Sashiko.

Patreon Article about Hari Kuyou


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Article About Hari Kuyou to share the Cultural Story

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