December 13, 2021 at 10:30AM

Sorry for not being able to make a post daily. I know some of you look forward to our Sashiko Story once a day as a routine. It has been my pleasure to share. I will not stop or give up on sharing, just my days just got a bit more difficult.

In Youtube Live Streaming on Friday (in Japanese), I had a question in English about the Color of thread in Sashiko: phrasing, “What do you think about using colorful threads in Sashiko”. It is a popular misunderstanding of our voice toward “change” in Sashiko. Yes, traditionally, Sashiko is done on the Indigo/Gray fabric with white thread. Of course, as always, there are reasons for this combination. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to use this Indigo-White combination to “qualify” as Sashiko. I like this combination, but it does NOT define what Sashiko is.

Focusing on the materialistic perspective & “How to” in preserving the culture is already mismatching what I am trying to share. It is very important to learn how to achieve great results. However, there are more important things than mere results – which is “how do we approach it (foreign culture for them)”.

Therefore, I ask you not to let someone define the Sashiko for you. You will find your own definition when you keep learning. If someone says what you do is NOT Sashiko because you use colorful thread, then they are limiting (their foriegn) culture, and it can be Cultural Filtration. Stories behind the practice of Sashiko are the key, and choices you make based on what you learn will create the future of Sashiko. I am counting on you.


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