December 14, 2021 at 03:15PM

One of the biggest misunderstandings about Sashiko & Boro exists in the difference of “Approach”. In English, they say, “Sashiko is Mending Technique” and “Boro is Salvage”. They aren’t wrong statements but it filters the core of its practice.

Sashiko isn’t a miracle drug to solve the current clothing culture in SDGs. Yes, a pill of Aleve is like a miracle when we have a headache. However, taking Aleve everyday, or expecting a headache to enjoy Aleve is out of the line. Unfortunately, without proper stories, Sashiko can be one twisted like a ill-person who damage their health for the purpose of taking pills.

Again, each definition in English about Sashiko & Boro aren’t so much “wrong”. They are just insufficient to represent the whole practice. Therefore, continuous learning is very important, and therefore I keep sharing stories so one day, we can all enjoy the full picture of Sashiko and Boro. If you are willing to learn, enjoy the rides. Hopefully, please start driving by yourself. If you think you know enough about Sashiko & Boro already without being fluent in Japanese language & culture, then please stop & doubt because it can innocently damage & filter the culture. Sashiko is simple stitching culture, but more than how it is introduced in English – because it carries many stories about “being ordinary Japanese” in its practice.

Sashiko is simple, fun and much richer than what is introduced now. By following this account & Youtube, I believe I am proving it.



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