December 16, 2021 at 11:11AM

In 2015, before I truly faced my fate, I was all about the “desire for approval”. I wanted to be someone that I wasn’t. I was always looking for something to be “recognized”. After a year of talking to myself after tragedy, I learned how to be a friend of “desire for approval”, not a slave of “desire for approval”. Therefore, I can prioritize my stories over publication or publicity. It doesn’t matter if my work/voice is hugely approved or not because what I care is “who” is trying to listen.

You may wonder, “Isn’t teaching also for approval (recognition)?”. Maybe. If I decide to eliminate the desire for approval, stitching by myself for the purpose of creation may be more comprehensive. However, I decided to continue teaching. Why? Because I realize what I teach in Sashiko can help many people, especially those who suffer from being trapped in “desire for approval”. Unfortunately, some make money by clicking on the weak point of the raw desire. Society asks us to be “someone useful”, and we have to be “productive” to be successful. How do we measure it? By someone’s approval. I used to believe in this, but I no longer follow it. No one has to suffer from “not having or not being able to”. The major suffering comes from “comparison” and “unsatisfied expected desire”.

Japanese in the 18 century knew how to deal with their “desire” in such a limited society. At least, Sashiko & Boro taught me how they would have handled.Therefore, I really want everyone to learn Sashiko from us, instead of learning from someone who uses Sashiko/Boro as the way to get approval. Why do you hand-stitch? For approval, or for someone(something) who you care about?


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