December 19, 2021 at 09:49PM

The more I teach Sashiko in English, the more I realize the significant difference in Japanese Sashiko I practice & Sashiko introduced in English today. In Western Culture, “Being in Control” is quite an important concept. Many think that “In order to make even stitches, I need to control the needle”. This isn’t wrong, but what I teach is different. I teach how to minimize the control of the needle in Online Class and In-person Workshop.

One can make beautiful stitches by focusing & controlling the needle with great skill & precision. However, it isn’t the core of Sashiko, especially considering how Sashiko was practiced in Japan for many years ago. This story may ring some of your bells if you know any other Japanese cultural practices – many Japanese teachings are based on “relaxing” and “releasing the handle”. If one calls Sashiko “Zen”, then they need to understand the concept of “Kuu (empty)”. Therefore, I keep saying, Sashiko in English is NOT wrong, but insufficient. And I am here to share (teach) what is missing. It would be great if you can take my class. If it isn’t a good time, please keep reading my stories & watching my Youtube Videos.

In-Person Workshop in FL at the beginning of Feb may have some spots available. Online Sashiko Class has a few spots available for the month of Dec. 2021. Check link from profile for the details.




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