December 20, 2021 at 10:18PM

I am sharing a series of Sashiko Stories here in my second language because of unfortunate misunderstandings of Sashiko in English. The misinterpretation happens because of the difference in our “Common Sense (Expectation to others)”. Therefore, please read what is written here instead of what you think I would write. I occasionally encounter a comment with significant twists of my words.

I welcome anyone regardless of who they are: both Japanese & non-Japanese. I NEVER EVER said that one needs to learn the Japanese language, or visit Japan, to “practice” Sashiko. Of course, the language & experience in Japan would be a good addition, but that will NOT define the Sashiko they practice. If your goal is to enjoy Sashiko, just try to keep learning, ideally from those who understand Japanese & with experience in Japan. If you only read in English, you are already reading someone’s translation after their filtration. So, doubt what you learn & keep learning. That’s all I ask.

One exception, though. I think that one has to be “fluent” in Japanese when they plan to teach Sashiko. Without talking to Japanese Sashiko Artisans in Japan, how would they be able to “teach”? It is fine if they specify “which Sashiko” they are teaching, but it is too violent to teach the “whole picture of Sashiko” without proper understanding of Language, and therefore, Culture. Would you trust a professor in “American Political Science” who doesn’t understand English…?

There are 2 kinds of teaching – (1) navigating and (2) training. When one teaches a specific topic (like Sashiko here), the teacher has to be a master of what they are teaching. School Teachers, who I cannot thank enough as a father, are great navigators, and I know there are good navigators in textile sharing Sashiko as well. Don’t mix 2 together. Teaching a specific topic as “a specific teacher” comes with huge & significant responsibility.


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